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01 August 2022

Paper Day message from Pramod Agarwal of IARPMA

On the occasion of Paper Day on 1 August, Pramod Agarwal, president, Indian Agro and Recycled Paper Mills Association (IARPMA) and CMD, Rama Paper Mills, says:

It is a proud occasion for us to celebrate the Paper Day on 1 August to mark the presence of paper and paper products in our life, and the growth of society, and the nation.

Paper plays an important role in all spheres of our life, and we cannot imagine life without paper and paper products. However, there are many myths which have been spread among the public in general about deforestation and exploitation of natural resources by the paper industry.

In fact, paper is one of the most sustainable products as it is produced from renewable ligno-cellulosic materials, such as plantation from agro-forestry by farmers, agricultural residues, and post-consumer waste papers.

Paper industry in India is not forest-based but is agro-based and engages farmers all over the country in growing trees and supports them financially to plant more and more trees.

In India, the use of recycled waste paper for paper and paperboard production is highest, about 80%.

The Indian Agro and Recycled Paper Mills Association (IARPMA) promotes the use of non-conventional raw materials, such as agro residues and recycled waste papers by the industry and functions as a catalytic agent for the growth, promotion and development of the Indian paper industry.

Paper is eco-friendly and its use does not affect the environment, by virtue of being one of the most recycled products for many times of reuse by the industry. Moreover, it is biodegradable and ends up without any harmful impact to our environment.

The recent ban on single use plastics (SUPs) has opened new avenues for the paper industry and industry is trying to find appropriate solutions for replacement of plastics by paper and paper products. The cup stock production by the paper industry has already provided solutions for food grade hot and cold servings, and mouldable pulp plates, bowls and cutlery are also finding their utilities in our daily life.

The industry is developing and improving its products to meet the challenge to replace the plastic, and development of base paper for paper straw by Indian industry is one of the success stories. Similarly, many other options are also being explored to diversify usage of paper to replace plastic.

The paper industry is also striving to be more sustainable in future, and it has been demonstrated by our continued efforts to reduce the consumption levels of energy, water, and chemicals to a large extent. The industry is committed to a brighter tomorrow for the future generations and is endeavouring to achieve new and more stringent targets, set by regulatory bodies.

Friends, Paper Day is a moment to cherish our achievements as well as to pledge to achieve excellence and win the faith of the public and society by delivering our best to the nation.
My best wishes to all from the paper fraternity on this great day.

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