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07 September 2017

10 reasons to choose corrugated boxes for packaging

  1. The first point is obviously their low cost
  2. Corrugated boxes can be recycled with ease
  3. For making 30 Kg of box we hae to cut a full grown pine tree.
  4. The pressure handling capacity of the boxes is another important reason of its vast popularity
  5. These boxes will not have sharp edges that might harm us so this can also be an additional advantage of these boxes
  6. No harmful chemicals are used in the manufacturing of these boxes
  7. Corrugated boxes are much durable and will stay for years
  8. It is much easy to print the company’s logo and other details in the corrugated box
  9. The availability of corrugated box is another major advantages
  10. The corrugated boxes have 3 layers of cardboard and hence even delicate electronic gadgets can be placed inside them.