6-9 December, 2021
15th International Exhibition & Conference
Pulp, Paper & Allied Industries
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

Product On Display

“L&W Autoline is a scalable automated laboratory paper testing solution to improve efficiency.”
ABB Sweden | Stand No. F4141

“Machine Learning technologies have been implemented, as part of the projects developed by A.Celli Paper, for predictive maintenance and optimization of the working parameters of the machinery, all integrated with high digitisation and connectivity.”
A.Celli Paper S.P.A. | Stand No. F4124

“Rolls will be there on display.”
Acme Rolltech Private Limited | Stand No. F4030

“Charge Analyzing instruments for Wet End Area Softness Analyzer TSA for Textiles and Nonwoven”
Afg Analytic Gmbh | Stand No. 5080

“Metal Expander, Rubber Expander, Teflone coated Rubber Expander, Rubber Roller, Hard Chrome Plated Roller, Air Shaft, Safety Chuck”
Anar Rub Tech Pvt Ltd | Stand No. 4104

“PaperOneTM offers a comprehensive range of Office paper, as well as Printing & Publishing paper and Digital paper products for commercial printing and converting.”
AIE Fiber Resource and Trading (India) Private Limited | Stand No. 3026

“Air Conditioning & Ventilation: Critical Air Conditioning for control room and ventilation for production and other process areas in paper plant and other industrial segments, Process Cooling: For process like CLO2 in Pulp plant and other manufacturing process, Tri-Generation: Combined heating cooling and power systems based on gas & diesel engine
Gas Turbine Inlet air cooling”
Aquachill Systems India Pvt. Ltd. | Stand No. F4160

“Slitter Rewinder Machine for POS/ ATM/ Ticket Rolls production”
Alliance Printech Pvt Ltd | Stand No. F3041

““Baking Paper: Product to be used in baking applications. It has release property along with grease/oil resistance, Straw Paper: Paper for making straws used as substitute to plastic, Reply card: High bulk, high strength briefcard used as reply cards in magazines. Also, can be used in applications such as manuals, catalogues, flyers, menus etc, Paperline/IK Signature: Premium grade photo copy paper with high thickness, smoothness, brightness & whiteness. Mainly for corporations where impression matters, Deep color briefcard: Briefcard in deep black color for applications like file folders, stationery, photo albums, craft material etc.””
Great Divine Pulp And Paper (India) Private Limited | Stand No. 3022

“Carbide, Chipper, Guillotine, Trimmer, Flowline, Sheeter and Paper Rewinder Knives.”
Atlas Engineering | Stand No. F4008

“IOT & COULD SOLUTIONS: Solution for viewing / analyzing Key Performance Indicators & Information on Your MOBILE PHONE / LAPTOP / PC like Running hours, Breakdown hours, Energy consumption etc.”
Automation Network & Services Pvt Ltd | Stand No. 5019C

“BSTINDIA will be displaying molded pulp products made from semi automatic ,robot operated or fully automatic machines ,moulds, these products are eco friendly ,biodegradable & 100% compostable -(replacement for single use disposable plastics)”
BeSure Technology India Pvt Ltd | Stand No. 4003

Bhilwara Polymers | Stand No. 5018A

“BHAVI INTERNATIONAL PVT.LTD (BIPL) specialize in offering Dyes & Chemicals for Paper Making.”
Bhavi International Private Limited | Stand No. F3128

“Our valued measurement solutions which can bring in economic benefits are displayed-Consistency Transmitter (Optical, Rotating and Blade types), Basis Weight Valve, Fiber Line inline measurement s like Single Point Kappa, Bleach Load Transmitter and Brightness Transmitter, Single Point Morphology, Retention measurements, Charge analyzers – Zeta Potential SZP-10 and Dissolved charge PCD-05, Talk to our control specialist on our Advance Control Process solutions – MACS”
BTG Process Solutions, a Spectris Group | Stand No. 5146C
"Bindals FinePrints Copier Paper, Note Books, Publisher’s printed books”
Bindals Papers Mills Ltd. | Stand No. 5116

“Bry-Air Gas Phase Filtration is used to remove the airborne molecular contamination at the control room or monitor control centre in paper manufacturing plant.”
Bry-Air (Asia) Pvt Ltd | Stand No. 4073

“Changde Jinye Machinery Co.,Ltd, was Wholly-owned and share-controlled by Changde Tobacco Machinery Co.,Ltd.jinye has successively developed  three modles of TH10,TH15A,and TH20 handkerchief paper packaging machine, and THB20 transparent paper packer”
Changde Jinye Machinery Co.,Ltd | Stand No. 5085C

“Secondhand machinery”
Coincart Srl | Stand No. 3060
Clyde Industries specialize in Boiler Cleaning Technology,  Sootblowers, Water Cannons. Leader in Recovery Boiler Sootblowers.
Clyde Industries | Stand No. F4133B

“Air-laid paper production line\  Air-laid paper\  pulp crusher system\  Fiber & pulp automatic recycle system”
Dandong Tianhe Industrial Co.,Ltd | Stand No. 4091B

“We provides world class Industrial Knives for good quality Paper cutting and Chipper knives for Pulp Section”
D B Engg. Solutions LLP | Stand No. F3120

“We are a solution provider offering various products and solutions for pallet stabilization and safety for internal warehousing and transportation”
Dsm Agencies | Stand No. F4122

“Specialists in Paper machine manufacturing, turnkey projects, consultancy, engineering, rebuilds, shutdown jobs, erection & exports.”
Dsp Consultancy & Engineering | Stand No. 5019D

“EICL’s clay business has an installed capacity of 300,000 tonnes per annum and the largest integrated clay facility in Asia that mines and refines high-end calcined and hydrous clay. EICL offers the following grades for paper industry: Superfine Premium, Supergloss, Supercoat, SG 90, Higloss Lump, Hibrite Powder, BCK Lump, etc.”
Eicl Ltd | Stand No. F4110
“Products: Foresight International is One stop buying agency for the following products: Paper M/C clothing from Heimbach , Germany., Wire table rebuild, ceramic tops, Hivac equipments, Steam boxes from Andritz  USA.,  Sheet cutter ,  A4 line complete packaging., Folio Wrapping m/c & Re-winders from Milltex , Italy., Colour Coating kitchen and Enzyme conversion of starch from BVG , Germany., Coater Rod bed, Coater Blades & Creeping blades from BTG, Switzerland., Air Technology for Paper M/c Hood and PV system from Brunnschweiler, Spain/China, Tissue Machine, Rewinder & Covering machine from Baosuo. China,  All types of Knives for Sheeter and Rewinder from TKM , Germany., Advance water and wastewater treatment solution with MBBR technology from Aqwise, Israel., Carrier Rope and Roping System from William Kenyon, UK., Infrared Coating Drying and Moisture profile control from Compact Engineering, UK., All types of roll covering  from Yamauchi, Japan., Ultra high presser water saving shower from Robo Paper, Netherland”
Foresight International | Stand No. 4054

Flosys Pumps Pvt Ltd | Stand No. F4040

“Rewinding Machine, Facial Tissue Machine , Hand Towel Machine, Handkerchief Paper Machine,  Slitting Rewinder Machine.”
Foshan Nanhai Dechangyu Paper Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd | Stand No. 4091A

“Galaxy Sivtek is a leader in manufacturing industrial sifters & filters to achieve high-quality products”
Galaxy Sivtek Pvt Ltd | Stand No. 4014

“All kinds of screen baskets and filters for Pulp and Paper mills”
Garam Screen |  Stand No. F3036

“Security paper, with dandy or 3d multi-tonal cylinder mould water mark paper, embedded with visible and invisible security fibres, single or three different type colours, taggants, planchets, in any grammage., Passport paper with high rag content, with cylinder mould watermark and security fibres., Super calendered postal stamp paper coated with pva as per international standards., Special document security paper with dandy or cylinder mould water mark with embedded or window security thread and invisible fibres., Micr cheque, paper / cbs 1 paper as per rbi / iba or pira specifications., Degree certificate / mark sheet security parchment papers with fold and tear strength and wet strength., Coated and uncoated abrasive paper, Industrial grade filter paper, Non-tearable security paper with, embedded security fibres, security thread and customised dandy water mark., Seed germination paper., Laminate base paper,Insulation kraft paper”
Gemini Graaphics Pvt. Ltd | Stand No. F4057
“Second hand machinery”
Gein-Maskiner Ab | Stand No. 3060

“Offering India’s widest range in Precision Adapter Sleeves , Withdrawal Sleeves , Lock Nuts , Hydraulic Nuts , Hydraulic Adapter Sleeves , Hydraulic Withdrawal Sleeves , Lock Washers & Plummer Blocks.”
Global Sleeve Solutions | Stand No. F4118

“Manufacturer of Cardon Shafts. Spare Cross Kit as per size/sample, Maintenance of your old shaft”
Hardy Transmission Pvt Ltd | Stand No. 5079

“Forming Fabric:  Single layer,1.5 layer, 2.5 Layer, SSB Dryer Fabric: Round yarn ,SWD, SWD”
Hebei Hehuang Screen Industrial Co.,Ltd | Stand No. 5066A

“Adult Diapers, Adult Pullup Diapers, Underpads”
Hebei Hongda Sanitary Products Co.,Ltd. | Stand No. F3138G

“Laminating Adhesives, Primers, Heat Seal Coatings for paper, foil, barrier coatings, anti-slip, waxes, hot-melt.”
India Dye Chem | Stand No. F3135

“Speciality and Security Papers with High Tear & Water Resistance.  Sticker paper with Security & Non-Security Features”
Infinity Security Papers Limited | Stand No. F3090

“Secondary Fiber, Pulp, Paper, Stock Lots”
International Forest Products | Stand No. 5144

“High Speed Paper Cup Making Machines & Paper Food Container Making Machine”
Jain Industries | Stand No. F4148
“Former (with Cylinder Mould & CSD Tank) Pressure Screen, Reject Screen  and CH5 Screen Products List: Former , Coater  & Pulp Mill Equipment.”
Jasmira Engineers Pvt Ltd | Stand No. F4056

“Waste paper baler machine, water squeezing machine”
Jiangsu Xutian Environmental Protection Machinery Co.,Ltd | Stand No. 5030A

Office Documentation Paper, Uncoated Woodfree & other speciality Papers, Coated Woodfree Paper, Packaging Board
Jk Paper Limited | Stand No. 3030

“Multi- Fourdrinier with Top Dewatering Unit & Various types of Coaters. Complete Paper Plant for making various grades of paper.”
Jmc Paper Tech Pvt. Ltd | Stand No. 4058

“Doctor blades and doctor blade holders.”
Kadant Uk Ltd. | Stand No. 5042

“Duplex Board, Test Liners, Fluting, Polycoated Paper on Chromo, Bleached Kraft, Aluminium Foil Paper, Grease Proof & Baking Paper.”
Kalpataru | Stand No. 5094A

“Lemonite brand Optical Brightening Agent for the application in Paper Manufacturing units for obtaining optimum brightness / whiteness effects.”
Khyati Chemicals Pvt Ltd | Stand No. 5156

“Kirloskar Vapor Absorption Chiller – Hands-free chiller, No Blow-down, No Libr top up, Automatic Purging, Online Libr filter”
Kirloskar Pneumatic Co Ltd | Stand No. 3061

“Hard Chrome Plated Metal Expander Bow Roller., This Expander Bow Roller is Used in Paper Machines in Pope Reel Section & Size Press Section, After Calender And in Rewider Machine., The Main Function of This Bow Roller is to Remove the Wrinkle of The Paper Web.”
Kody Rube Tech Pvt Ltd | Stand No. 3014

“Rotameters, Sealing Water Flow Switch, COL system Oil Flow Meter, Pressure & Consistency Transmitter, Pulp Sampler”
Konfluid Engineers | Stand No. F4060

"BASF (USA): Calcined Clay (Ansilex 93), KaMin (USA): PHK – Kaolin – Paper & Board Coating, Solvay Peroxythai (Thailand): Hydrogen Peroxide, Dupont (USA): Soy Polymers -, SA Reverte (Spain):  Grounded Calcium Carbonate, BYK (Germany): Additives for Surface Treatment, Appivion (USA): Thermal & Carbonless Paper., Gimpex-Imerys (India): Bentonite, Inner Mongolia Shuangxin (China): Poly Vinyl Alcohol, DAIKIN (Japan): Fluoro Chemicals, UNIDYNE ® , Nippon Paper (Japan): Fine Coated Paper, Glassine & MG Poster, KPL Initiating with Daikin – Oil & water repellent for Fiber Mold and food packaging paper., Fibber Mold– Solution for Oil & water repellent for bio degradable disposable for QSR, Speciality Paper – Solution for Oil & Water repellent for food wrapping and greaseproof paper."
Kpl International Ltd | Stand No. 4110

“1. Creamwove: Kuantum Gold, Kappa Premium, Kuantum Kappa, 2. Maplitho, Kosheen, Kosheen Aqua, Kresto, 3. Copier, Konquer, K-one, Keon, Kaleela (Colour Copier), 4. Colour, Kraya, Karyo Board, Kosmo (Colour Maplitho), 5. Specialty, Kuantum, Bond, Kodexa FS, Kodexa Ledger, Kreda Ledger, Kosmo Cartridge, Kosmo Parchment, Kosmo Stiffner, Kosmo Enveloper, Kosmo Premium”
Kuantum Papers Ltd | Stand No. 5132

“OptiCheck Paper Inspection System - can be retrofitted on sheeters, board machines or re-reelers for quality inspection of paper and paper boards.”
Line O Matic Graphic Industries | Stand No. 5056

“Lucid Imaging develops world class Paper Inspection products for quality control in sheets and board machines.”
Lucid Imaging Pvt Ltd | Stand No. 5019B

“Cogen Power Plant, Boiler Retrofitting, Combustion Systems for Non-conventional fuels, Air Pollution Control Equipment, Engineering and Energy Services.”
Mago Thermal Private Limited | Stand No. 4108

“we are displaying total 5 machines as mentioned Below : MG 70 : Paper Cup Machine, MG 95 : Paper Cup Machine, MPP100 : Paper Plate Machine, M40 : Paper Plate Machine, M-B700 : Nonwoven Bag Machine”
Mahaveer Group / Parshwanath Industries | Stand No. 4082
"Thermal Audit Services- Outcome of Audit Report as:, Savings Expected-Rs.______ L, Total Investment- Rs.______ L, Pay Back Period -        ______ months, Drawings Indicating Present installation & Propose modification., Boiler Project Consultancy Services, Specification & Scope of Boiler to be procure, Layout & Piping  Design Drawings, Involvement from concept to plant commissioning”
Mark Engineering Services | Stand No. 5154

"Multi-line Greasing System, Progressive Greasing System, Single Point Lubricator - Gas Operated, Single Point Lubricator - Electro-Mechanical”
Maruti Eltech | Stand No. 5147B

“Running Demo for Slitting.”
Maxcess India Automation Private Limited | Stand No. F4029

“Our main products are- Tissue Jumbo Roll, Wood Free Paper, NCR, Kraft, Linner & Medium Paper etc.”
Meghna Pulp & Paper Mills Ltd. | Stand No. F4037

“Control, automated on-off, and emergency shutdown valves, intelligent valve controllers, lifecycle and performance services.”
Metso India Private Limited | Stand No. 5102

“Multispan is showcasing Industrial automation instruments like Energy meters, Power Factor regulator, Length Counter Displays”
Multispan Control Instruments Pvt Ltd | Stand No. F3132

“Secondhand machinery”
Mupap Internacional | Stand No. 3060
“Strapping Machine, Carton Sealing Machine, Vacuum Packaging Machine, Shrink Packaging Machine, Strapping Rolls, BOPP Tapes, Continuous Band Sealers, Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines.”
Millenium Packaging Solutions | Stand No. 4137

“Paper samples with use of Super PCC Filler”
Naini Papers Ltd | Naini Tissues Ltd | Stand No. 5131

“NEMO® Progressing Cavity Pumps, TORNADO® Rotary Lobe Pumps and NOTOS® Multi Screw Pump, Macerators and Grinders, NEMO® Progressing Cavity Pump in FSIP® design”
Netzsch Pumps & Systems | Stand No. 5060

“We are the indentor of imported waste paper.”
Nice Import /Transworld Impex | Stand No. 4010
“We are having following products: Uncoated Paper Board / Coated Paper Board / SBS / Thermal Paper / Release Base Paper / Silk Matt Paper etc.”
NPT Papers Pvt. Ltd. | Stand No. 5128

Orbinox India Pvt Ltd | Stand No. F4134

“Paramount Foils: - In Paramount house foil keep your food warm, fresh & hygienically safe, Paramount Foil Container: - To pack ready to eat food product, its food grade, it’s safe., Claret Napkins: - Made from virgin pulp, its natural, soft & absorbent napkin., Claret Toilet Rolls: -  Made from virgin pulp, soft absorbent & dispenser friendly, Claret Facial Tissue: - Made from virgin pulp, softness specially designed for face, Claret Hand Towel: - Made from virgin pulp, our range of high quality hand towel, PVC Cling: - Use for packing to continue with freshness & aroma your foods., Dispenser: - For easy use of all type toilet rolls/napkins/ hand towels/facial tissue., We have the range of 280 plus products like napkins, toilet rolls, containers, foils, hand towels, cut sheet, PVC cling film.”
Paramount Universal Pvt Ltd | Stand No. F3045

"Carbonless Paper /Self-Copy Paper : Reels and Sheets, Thermal Paper: Reels: Blue & Black Image: 48gsm and 55gsm, Barrier Coated Cup Stock and Food Wrapping Paper., Colour Paper and Boards., Gummed Paper, Sublimation Paper"
Parag Copigraph Private Limited | Stand No. 4076
“Paper and Paperboard used for Printing, Publishing and Packaging”
Pg Paper Company Ltd | Stand No. 3056

“Automatic Tissue Paper Making Machine, The Automatic Paper Napkin Machines are efficient, reliable and easy to operate machines., Aluminium Foil Rewinding Machine with PLC System.”
Paul Engineering | Stand No. F3116

“Paper and Paperboard used for Printing, Publishing and Packaging”
Plg Impex | Stand No. 3056

“PMP Intelli platform for Paper and Tissue- makers is a blend of sophisticated technology and excellent quality. 3D scans of our references like Intelli-Nip® Shoe Presses, Intelli-Jet V® Hydraulic Headboxes, and complete Intelli-Tissue® machines will give closer look to capabilities of our equipment and bring you closer to the world of the best papermaking solutions.”
PMP Group | Stand No. F3018
“PORTOFTRUST will display for the first time in India a revolutionary product that combines the advantages of paper and plastic while being NEITHER PAPER, NOR PLASTIC.”
Portoftrust Trading Pvt Ltd | Stand No. F3043

“Industrial Circular Knives and Holders including Pneumatic Knife Holders and Multi-Knife Blocks”
Pran Nath Kapur & Sons Pvt Ltd | Stand No. 3046
“Mechanical Power Transmission Solutions”
Premium Transmission Private Limited | Stand No. F3091
“Rolling bearing for Paper machinery. System monitoring and Preventive maintenance products.”
Premier India Bearings Limited | Stand No. F4050
“GMEX-Spherical Roller Bearings for Paper & Steel, Ball Bearings for Electric Motors, Vibratory Screen Application Bearings.”
Primeroll International Pvt. Ltd. | Stand No. 4156
“Secondhand machinery”
Proserv International Gmbh & Co.Kg | Stand No. 3060

“Qingzhou Jinhao is a professional high-tech enterprise engaged in development, production and marketing of high quality paper chemicals.”
Qingzhou Jinhao Industry And Trade Co.,Ltd | Stand No. 5030B

“Energy Saving Pulp Molded Tableware Semiautomatic / Automatic Thermforming Machine(Free Trimming, Free Punching)”
Quanzhou Far East Enviromental Protection Euipment | Stand No. 3018B

“Basis Weight Control Valve, Online Moisture Meter, Autoguide, Lab Equipments”
R S Electromech Services | Stand No. F3101

"Thermal Papers, Rough Gloss Papers, Uncoated Woodfree Printing Papers,  Textured/Embossed Papers, Color Papers, Fine Papers, Label Papers, Release Liners, Art Papers, Sublimation Papers, Inkjet Papers, SBS Packaging Boards"
Raj Paper Products | Stand No. 4106

“1. GLASS FUSED TO STEEL TANKS (GFS)- Two materials (Glass & Steel) are fused together to achieve the best properties of both – the strength and flexibility of steel combined with the corrosion resistance of glass. Glass-Fused-to-Steel is able to provide many years of trouble free service in harsh environments.
2. ZINCALUME TANKS (ZA)- Our Zincalume tanks are made of Zincalume alloy (Al: 55%, Zn: 43.5% & Si: 1.5%), which is a Patented Product of TATA BLUESCOPE STEEL and provides cutting edge protection of aluminium apart from corrosion resistance provided by Zinc coating.”
Rostfrei Steels India Pvt Ltd | Stand No. F4158

“Progressive Cavity Pumps, Dosing Pumps, Twin Screw Pumps, Macerator, Gear Pump, Diapghram Pump”
Roto Pumps Ltd | Stand No. 4053

“Formation Sensor , Edge Crack Detector , Fiber Quality Analyser Morfi Neo and other Pulp And Paper Testing Instruments”
Saharanpur Testing Instruments Pvt Ltd | Stand No. F4157
“Dosing Pump, Metering Pump, Chemical Dosing System, Skid Mounted Dosing System & pH /ORP Controllers. Sandur Pumps has IP 54, IP 65 & IP-55 protection class”
Sandur Fluid Controls Pvt Ltd | Stand No. F4033

“The Largest Producer and Exporter of Specialty & Modified Starches in India
Santosh Starch Products Ltd. | Stand No. 5113

“Sizepress: prolonged running time. At TNLP it was increased triple. Suctionpress rolls for optimized dewatering.”
Schäferrolls Gmbh & Co Kg | Stand No. 5018B
"Maplitho, Book Printing, Branded Copiers, Color Copier, Color Printing, Poster, MG Maplitho, Bristol, MGRK"
Seshasayee Paper & Boards Ltd | Stand No. 4114

“Pulp and paper making industry machine and spare parts, paper machine upgrade project”
Shandong Easttai Paper Machinery Co.,Ltd | Stand No. 5085A

Shanghai Soontrue Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd. | Stand No. 4091A

“Manufacturer of various grades of Wood Free Writing & Printing Paper,  Surface Size Paper and Non-Surface Size Paper,  Range from 49 GSM to 175 GSM.”
Shreyans Industries Ltd | Stand No. 4150

“The Solution provider for paper industry with innovative modified tapioca starch”
Sms Corporation Company Ltd | Stand No. 5168

“Trust Solenis’ technologies, FusionSM, MicroSolSM, and TopScreen™ and more, to solve your papermaking challenges.”
Solenis Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd. | Stand No. 3068

"Motion Amplification TM Technology –  See the Invisible, HD Technology – next generation condition monitoring, Leonova Diamond – Portable Intelligence, BC 200 – Bearing Checker with shock pulse technology”
Spm Instrument India Pvt Ltd | Stand No. F4117

“Our company is manufacturers of  Orange,Yellow, and Red Powder direct dyes which mainly finds use in Paper Mills.”
Sunrise Enterprise | Stand No. F3142

"Folio Sheeter, Cut Size Sheeters, Ream Wrappers, Paper Converting machines, Stationery manufacturing & binding machines.”
Stationery Automation Machinery Pvt Ltd | Stand No. 3008

“We are dealing with VHP/HP/LP spray Showers, Online/ Off-line Filters, Spray Nozzle, Dry & Wet end Tail cutter, Dryer Screen / Backing Roll Cleaner, Tail Threading System, Doctor Oscillator, Control Panels/ Electronic Automation, Plastic Sorter (drum screen), Stracher, Rolls/, Roll Cover, Chemical tank, Pumps, Yankee Cylinder service etc.”
TRI-TECH Industries | Stand No. F310
"Eco Friendly stone paper, Filmic label stock, Tamper evident labels, Synthetic labels”
Taiwan External Trade Development Council-Taitra | Stand No. F3100

“Specialty chemicals & technical support for paper making industry”
Taiwan Hopax Chems Mfg Co Ltd | Stand No. 4144

“Writing & Printing Grades of Paper, Multilayer Coated and Uncoated Boards”
Tamil Nadu Newsprint And Papers Limited | Stand No. 3062
"Enzymes for Pulp and Processing., Defoamers for Pulp and Paper Processing., Flocculants for Retention Drainage and Krofta application"
Tellabs Chemicals Pvt Ltd | Stand No. 5095B

Tex Biosciences Pvt Ltd | Stand No. 5091
"Sanitary Pad, Panty Liner, Underpad, Adult Diaper, Wet Wipes"
Tianjin Junfa Senda Hygiene Products Co., Ltd | Stand No. 5085D

"Quality control Lab Testing  Equipments for Pulp,Paper,Board,Packaging & allied industries and Handmade Paper Machines”
Universal Engineering Corporation | Stand No. 4020

“Customized Chemical Dosing Systems, Polymer Preparation Systems, Agitator Systems, Industrial RO Plants, Ultra Filtration Plants”
Ultimate Water Solution | Stand No. F4033

“Valmet OC2R shares the total consistency measurement method utilized in the original Valmet Optical Consistency transmitter with the added capability of ash content available as a second measured value,  offers easy and low-cost installation with a measuring probe that makes insertion and removal possible without requiring special tools or a process stop”
Valmet | Stand No. 4094
“Water Ring Vacuum Pumps and Thermic Oil Heaters - Robust, Efficient and Excellent Workmanship”
Vacunair Engineering Co. Pvt. Ltd. | Stand No. F3141
“All types Of Bearings”
Vora Engineering Co Pvt Ltd | Stand No. F4098

“Installed Andritz De-inking plant for quality upgradation.”
Vijayalakshmi Paper Mills | Stand No. F4017

“Crosslinking Agent (VC AZC, VC KZC, VC KZC 30, VC CURE), Thicking Agent ( VC COAT), Flow Modifier ( VC FLOW), Surface Sizing Agent (VC SIZE SS), Gloss Enhancer (VC GLOSS), Thermal Paper Jumbo Reel, Direct Thermal Paper label Jumbo Paper Reel, Chrome Paper Reel, Food Wrapping roll/sheet, Food Wrapping Paper( Grease Proof paper), Laminations aluminium Foil to paper in Roll and Sheet, Paper Cup Reel, Thermal POS/ATM Rolls.”
Vipul Chemicals (India) Pvt Ltd | Stand No. 3020


“Duplex Board- Coated Uncoated, Lamination Board, Grey Board, Rigid Board, Frocover Board, Writing Printing Paper”
Vishal Paper Mills Ltd | Stand No. F3114

“Latest generation paper machine performance optimization products & solutions from Fabrics & Roll Systems”
Voith Paper Fabrics India Ltd | Stand No. 4030
“Paper Products for Writing, Printing and Packaging. Printers, Label Manufacture, Sticker, Publishers and Packaging Papers.”
Vrinda Papers | Stand No. 4102
“Full Automatic 1-10 Tablets Wet Tissue Flow Packing Machine”
Wenzhou Qixin Machinery Co.,Ltd | Stand No. 5066B