3-6 December, 2019
14th International Exhibition & Conference
Pulp, Paper & Allied Industries
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

New Launches

“A.Celli handling and packaging systems represent unique solutions for product management, from labelling, palletising, packaging and weighing to the handling of finished reels thanks to the use of automatic guided vehicles (AGVs).  A.Celli R-WAY® offers great advantages in terms of productivity and storage capacity for the management of automated warehouses.”
A.Celli Paper S.P.A. | Stand No. F4124 | Hall No. A4

“We are launching 2 products 1)Ceramic /Spray and Fused rolls & sleeved. 2)Tungsten Carbide costed rollers.”
Acme Rolltech Private Limited | Stand No. F4030 | Hall No. A4

“ACA Ash Content Analyzer: to determine the whole filler content and also content of each filler within 45 seconds.”
Afg Analytic Gmbh | Stand No. 5080 | Hall No. A5

“AC Drives & PLC for Sectional Drives in Paper Mill, Brake Generator automation for Rewinders, DCS & SCADA for Pulp Mill & Approach Flow systems, Boiler Automation”
Automation Network & Services Pvt Ltd | Stand No. 5019C | Hall No. A5

“headbox with new technology and ZTA product and titanium blower”
Avs Importers | Stand No. F4119 | Hall No. A4

“Today big issue & concern in Paper industries is bad smell. BHAVI INTERNATIONAL PVT.LTD (BIPL) had developed single component Odor Control additive.”
Bhavi International Private Limited | Stand No. F3128 | Hall No. A3

“Introduced new brands of Copier Paper in 65 & 72 GSM in market., Introduced Maplitho in N.S (natural Shade)
Introduced a variety of Maplitho Paper as A1 Maplitho for better printability and catered A grade Maplitho Paper Market.”
Bindals Papers Mills Ltd. | Stand No. 5116 | Hall No. A5

“Air-laid paper production line professional manufacturers”
Dandong Tianhe Industrial Co.,Ltd | Stand No. 4091B | Hall No. A4

“Worlds Biggest Dandy roll of Diameter 2000 mm System with Water collecting Device is being supplied to M/S. K.R. Pulp and Paper and will be commissioned by 2020 January.”
Dandy Rolls India Pvt Ltd | Stand No. F4025 | Hall No. A4

“Our PET Grip Sheet pasted above the PP separator sheets to give stability.”
Dsm Agencies | Stand No. F4122 | Hall No. A4

“We are currently carrying out rebuild work in one paper mill producing Kraft Paper in order to increase production from 50 TPD to 80 TPD & improve the quality by increasing BF grade to 16, 18, 20 from a current level of 14.”
Dsp Consultancy & Engineering | Stand No. 5019d | Hall No. A5

“Headbox Automation / Steam & Condensate automation solution for paper plant”
Ele+Mech Engineering Solutions | Stand No. 5084B | Hall No. A5

“600 Fully automatic toilet roll/kitchen towel/JRT production line., Characteristic: fully automatic, design speed 550m/min, multi use for JRT , max web width 3600mm.”
Foshan Nanhai Dechangyu Paper Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd | Stand No. 4091A | Hall No. A4

“Galaxy Sivtek launches a compact rectangular vibrating screen for linear motion separation to achieve high-quality products.”
Galaxy Sivtek Pvt Ltd | Stand No. 4014 | Hall No. A4

“Small size/Special design Cardon shafts for will cutter & others”
Hardy Transmission Pvt Ltd | Stand No. 5079 | Hall No. A5

“Forming Fabric for Hi-speed tissue machine; Forming Fabric for producing pulp board.”
Hebei Hehuang Screen Industrial Co.,Ltd | Stand No. 5066 | Hall No. A5

“A modern high-tech enterprise integrating marketing, manufacturing, research and development, service and logistics.”
Hebei Hongda Sanitary Products Co.,Ltd. | Stand No. F3138g | Hall No. A3

“Envelope and Paper Bag with High Tear & Water Resistance for Commercial and Industrial Use.”
Infinity Security Papers Limited | Stand No. F3090 | Hall No. A3

“XTpack products passed CE, ISO9001:2015, SGS, TUV, our branch company in Poland, our products could meet European market demand, we are looking forward to servicing you.”
Jiangsu Xutian Environmental Protection Machinery Co.,Ltd | Stand No. 5030A | Hall No. A5

JK Oleoff- High-kit Oil & Grease Pesistance Paper for Food wraps(Food Grade), JK Digi Roll - Thermal Paper(POS) Rolls, JK Carry- Used for making Paper bags & pouches, JK Pharma Print-comes in two varieties Natural & White, used for Pharma Inserts & outserts (Food Grade), JK Devine-Comes in two varieties Natural & White, JK Cupstock- Used for making Paper Cups(Food Grade), JK Ecosip- 60,90 & 120 gsm paper for making Paper Straws(Food Grade), JK C1S Carry- one side coated paper used for making Carry Bags, JK HSMT- Wax Match Tissue
Jk Paper Limited | Stand No. 3030 | Hall No. A3

Hydraulic Head box, High Speed Rewinder, Shoe Press, Film Press, Blade Coaters, Soft nip Calendar, Top Dewatering Unit for Multi- Fourdrinier Paper Machine, Stock Preparation Line, Technology Association with M/S. PAPCEL GROUP & M/S. SLMC”
Jmc Paper Tech Pvt. Ltd | Stand No. 4058 | Hall No. A4

“Sandwich Wrapers, Oil Proof Paper, Baking Paper, Aluminium Foil Papers, Polycoated Paper from 18 gsm to 400 gsm.”
Kalpataru | Stand No. 5094A | Hall No. A5

“New generation Kirloskar Vapor Absorption Chiller offers highest C.O.P in the VAM Market”
Kirloskar Pneumatic Co Ltd | Stand No. 3061 | Hall No. A3

“Kytola Make Metal Tube Variable Area Flow Meter (Rotameter) – ML series for medium and large flows & Touch-screen Local display (KLD Smart) for Kytola Oval Gear Flow Meters.”
Konfluid Engineers | Stand No. F4060 | Hall No. A4

“Waste water treatment Technology: - Working with Swiss company for  unique technology works as Molecular separation and is the state of the art technology for purifying wastewater. The system creates a continuous 3-dimensional molecular network that allows pure water molecules to pass through, whilst all other particles and impurities are trapped and separated into the network and required less space around 40ft FCL area, depending upon the effluent discharge”
Kpl International Ltd | Stand No. 4110 | Hall No. A4

“Involvement from concept to plant commissioning”
Mark Engineering Services | Stand No. 5154 | Hall No. A5

Single Point Lubricator - Electro-Mechanical, Automatic Progressive Greasing System
Maruti Eltech | Stand No. 5147B | Hall No. A5

“Digital Measurement System (DMS) to set  accurate slit width”
Maxcess India Automation Private Limited | Stand No. F4029 | Hall No. A4

“Your committed valves partner in the industry renewal. Together we are shaping the sustainable future of a successful wood-based bioindustry.”
Metso India Private Limited | Stand No. 5102 | Hall No. A5

“All our Energy meters, 3-phase protection relay and Length Counter Displays are available now with Interface software”
Multispan Control Instruments Pvt Ltd | Stand No. F3132 | Hall No. A3

“Use of Super PCC as a filler , New Wood fibre line”
Naini Papers Ltd | Naini Tissues Ltd | Stand No. 5131 | Hall No. A5

iFD 2.0 -
• one of the several innovative products from NETZSCH, has proved to be a big success in industrial segment. In last 5 years several thousands of pumps with iFD 2.0 stator has been installed around the world, including several hundred in India.
What is iFD 2.0?
•          Unlike the conventional stator with elastomer moulded into a pipe, the iFD 2.0 has a metal body and a elastomeric sleeve that can be easily separated.”
Netzsch Pumps & Systems | Stand No. 5060 | Hall No. A5

“BARRIER COATED CUP STOCK & FOOD WRAPPING PAPER - eco friendly, plastic free products.
Parag Copigraph Private Limited | Stand No. 4076 | Hall No. A4

“PG Paper’s main grades include WFU/WFC, art paper, LWC, C1S, SBB, FBB, testliner, fluting and kraftliner.  New products for 2019 include tissue.”
Pg Paper | Stand No. 3056 | Hall No. A3

“Pneumatic Knife Holders New Generation for Paper/Converting Industry”
Pran Nath Kapur & Sons Pvt Ltd | Stand No. 3046 | Hall No. A3

Qingzhou Jinhao Industry And Trade Co.,Ltd | Stand No. 5030B | Hall No. A5

“Free Trimming and Free Punching on automatic machine, Automatic Robot Arms for Semiautomatic machine”
Quanzhou Far East Enviromental Protection Euipment | Stand No. 3018B | Hall No. A3

Rostfrei Steels India Pvt Ltd | Stand No. F4158 | Hall No. A4


“HybriFlex two-layer cover for LNP press rolls offers numerous options for improving machine performance, energy efficiency and product quality.”
Schäferrolls Gmbh & Co Kg | Stand No. 5018B | Hall No. A5

“One-stop service from construction, process design and optimization, manufacture, installation, commissioning and personnel training”
Shandong Easttai Paper Machinery Co.,Ltd | Stand No. 5085A | Hall No. A5

“High speed facial and napkin packing machine”
Shanghai Soontrue Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd. | Stand No. 4091 | Hall No. A4

“EXCEL SPA-VR : Innovative spayed starch for Ply Bond and Internal Strength Improvement”
Sms Corporation Company Ltd | Stand No. 5168 | Hall No. A5

“Water-based Bio Polymers and bio-waxes derived from renewable resources makes paper/board coated with this technology more recyclable, pulpable and compostable.”
Solenis Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd. | Stand No. 3068 | Hall No. A3

Airius – Wireless Vibration Technology, Laser Shaft alignment in Mobile App with Bluetooth
Spm Instrument India Pvt Ltd | Stand No. F4117 | Hall No. A4

“Falcon Folio Sheeter by combining legendary technologies from Jagenberg, Will, Bielomatik & Marquip, Wrapmatic GRSX modular folio ream wrapper.”
Stationery Automation Machinery Pvt Ltd | Stand No. 3008 | Hall No. A3

“Thermal paper solution”
Taiwan Hopax Chems Mfg Co Ltd | Stand No. 4144 | Hall No. A4

“Variants of Coated Boards”
Tamil Nadu Newsprint And Papers Limited | Stand No. 3062 | Hall No. A3

“Enzyme for slushing of POLYCUP fibres, 100% replacement of Chemicals used in Deinking and Stickies with Enzymes”
Tellabs Chemicals Pvt Ltd | Stand No. 5095B | Hall No. A5

Tex Biosciences Pvt Ltd | Stand No. 5091 | Hall No. A5

“We created a new series of sanitary pad with three-dimension side channel to prevent the side leakage”
Tianjin Junfa Senda Hygiene Products Co., Ltd | Stand No. 5085D | Hall No. A5

“Authorized Distributor for Sandur Dosing Pumps & Systems”
Ultimate Water Solution | Stand No. F4033 | Hall No. A4

“Linear Bearing”
Vora Engineering Co Pvt Ltd | Stand No. F4098 | Hall No. A4

“One-stop solutions to packaging machine design, manufacturing, installation, after-sales training and service”
Wenzhou Qixin Machinery Co.,Ltd | Stand No. 5066 | Hall No. A5