06−09 December 2023
16th International Exhibition & Conference
Pulp, Paper & Allied Industries
India Expo Centre, Greater Noida,
Delhi- NCR, India


Industry Speaks

“Society is heading towards an ecological credit crunch and humankind is under severe ecological debt as we are over utilising natural resources without replenishing and this crisis is far worse than all the financial & other crisis our eco system has ever faced. This is awakening call. Let’s be together to save this God gifted beautiful planet.”
                Sanjay Gupta, Vice President - Corporate Procurement and Packaging Development, DS Group
"I believe it’s a great time for the industry, though costs are going up, yet the demand and future looks bright. Only the organisations that have right processes and efficiencies in place will stay and grow. It is imperative that Indian printers graduate to better quality and delivery to compete in the global market."
                                                                                Ashish Batra, CEO, Magic International P Ltd.
"Current decade will likely be the most transformative for the paper and packaging industry. Companies that transition from commodity business to application oriented solution approach will perform better. Innovation and initiative will triumph over uncertainty of the times ahead."
   Anup Kansal, Partner and Principal Consultant, Business Transformation and Strategy Kansulting 
"Speed and Customization are two derivatives of Digitized E&M industry which is adversely affecting print revenues. Consumption of print editions of Newspaper, Magazines, STM/Professional journals, Higher education books are on decline and may continue to do that. In case of school, children and general trade books printed content consumption is still over 90%. Innovations and efficient processes like digital printing, POD, online market-place selling etc. are fueling the growth of print and that is the way forward too."
                                                               Amit Sharma, General Manager- Publishing Operations, Harper Collins

"Nature and natural resources has the answers for all burning issues that world is going through at present. We just need to focus our developments towards Biomimicking"
                                                               Anil Kumar Prajapati, Manager, Packaging Development, Amway

"Packaging trends that are primarily driven by change in regulations are rapidly moving towards sustainable solutions. This is well supported by multiple large FMCG companies who have pledged to transition to a recyclable solution within a time frame. A packaging structure designed with ‘reinforced paper’ is an effective alternative for multiple end uses and is a front runner for many more. This is not only a great opportunity but is also a big responsibility for the paper industry to support our planet.’"  

Shailesh Nema, Vice President & Managing Director, Michelman India
"In current times, more focus on hygiene and rise in e-commerce, is driving growth for tissue; paper cups and paper board packaging. Change in shopping habits has been beneficial for the pulp and paper industry as demand for paper and packaging materials had substantially increased. GOI policy for reduction of single use plastic shall lead to increase in paper consumption which is currently 13kg per person against world average of 57kgs. “
                                                   Anil Singh, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Genus Paper & Boards Ltd.

"Carton Boxes demand is rapidly coming to its pre-COVID levels and a solid development rate is anticipated over the future estimate period driven by economic revival in most of segments. "
Nikhil Sipani, Managing Director, Reliable Packaging Industries Ltd.

"Paper and Plastic are the main pillars on which Packaging industry stands. Unfortunately managing plastic waste needs utmost societal participation and discipline, in which we are failing. Hence Paper, the miracle material which first came to mankind's notice in the form of coarse papyrus has now evolved into its modern-day avatar, to flood the consumer market in infinite shapes and forms. But deforestation will be another extreme that we should be vary off. Sustainable use of resource, in its true sense, should keep us in good stead. The fruit of Economic growth with such approach should be the only goal. And as quoted by Azim Premji “ if people are not laughing at your goals, your goals are too small.”
Raju Biswanath Parui, Packaging Lead, WIPRO Consumer Care

"Packaging is undergoing a major transition due to increase in ecommerce sales, as a result of increased penetration post-COVID. In general, trends that are driven by change in regulations, and therefore, with restrictions on plastic usage, demand for paper and packaging materials has substantially increased. Overall Packaging materials are rapidly moving towards sustainable solutions. From an e-commerce perspective the demand for corrugated boxes is increasing more, as compared to plastic poly bags, which in turn will reduce transit damages as well. This is a big opportunity for the paper and corrugated industry."
Manish Gupta, Vice President, Head of Supply Chain and Operations, UpScalio

"This is going to be a transformative decade for the packaging industry globally with better materials which are economically viable and commercially scalable taking the centre stage replacing single use plastics for good. Global consumption is rapidly growing but at the same time, consumer awareness of eco-friendly materials is rising and we need to have an innovative approach designing for the product life cycle instead of just the product."

Raghav Maheshwari, Director, Origin Bipack

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