06−09 December 2023
16th International Exhibition & Conference
Pulp, Paper & Allied Industries
India Expo Centre, Greater Noida,
Delhi- NCR, India





Theme: Fostering the revival strategies and transition phase

11:30 Hrs. - 12:20 Hrs.
Opening Theme: Moving towards sustainability by maximizing paper and corrugation packaging
  • Sudeep Goenka, Director, Shubham Goldiee Masala Pvt. Ltd.
  • Sanjay GuptaVice President, Corporate Procurement and Packaging Development, DS Group
  • Nayandeep BanerjeeHead Packaging and Design, Nestle R&D Research Centre
12:20 Hrs. - 13:00 Hrs.
Transitioning with sustainable and recyclable paper solutions
  • Special Address: Dr. Kriti Soni, Head R&D, Kapiva Ayurveda
  • Speaker: Raghav Maheshwari, Director, Origin BioPack
13:00 Hrs. - 13:20 Hrs.
Post pandemic policy initiative and success stories from industry
  • Speaker: Anil Singh, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Genus Paper & Board Ltd.
14:30 Hrs. - 14:50 Hrs.
Impact of COVID 19 on corrugation industry
  • Speaker: Nikhil Sipani, Managing Director, Reliable Packaging Industries Ltd.
15:00 Hrs. - 15:20 Hrs.
Sustainability, helping offset rising costs in a post pandemic world
  • Speaker: Ayush Khetan, Managing Director, CorruCase
15:30 Hrs. - 15:50 Hrs.
Changing market dynamics for Kraft paper - Addressing the ground reality
  • Speaker: Naynesh Pasari, Director, Shri Krishna Paper Mills and Industries Ltd.
16:00 Hrs. - 17:00 Hrs.
Panel Discussion: Forecasting the growth of corrugated industry with rise in E-Commerce sector

  • Dr. Madhab Chakraborty, Joint Director, Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP) Delhi
  • Shobhit Goel, Vice President, Packaging & 4PL business, Moglix
  • Manish Gupta, Vice President, Head of Supply Chain and Operations, UpScalio
  • Anil Prajapati, Manager Packaging, Amway
  • Debasis Daspal, CEO, KDS Accessories
  • Vikas Gupta, Director of Creative Solutions & Development – Asia, L&E International Ltd.
Closing Remarks


Theme: Accelerating the growth in new normal

Session I: Rethinking the tissue business processes

11:30 Hrs. - 1150 Hrs.
Go to market strategies for tissue business, challenges, and demand recovery forecast
  • Speaker: Anup Kansal, Partner and Principal Consultant, Business Transformation and Strategy, Kansulting
11:50 Hrs. - 12:10 Hrs.
Rethinking energy efficient ways for tissue production process
  • Speaker: Muthukumar Dhanasekaran, Tissue Technology Manager, Valmet
Session II: Achieving excellence in operational and production processes

12:10Hrs. - 12:30 Hrs.
A Chemical free, Probiotic based technology for Slime Control in Writing & Printing Mill
  • Speaker: Dr. Manish Vardharaj Petkar, Head R&D, Proklean Technologies
12:30Hrs. - 12:50 Hrs.
Role of chemical manufacturers in sustainable paper manufacturing
  • Speaker: Anjani Prasad, Managing Director, Archroma India
12:50Hrs - 13:10 Hrs.
Keeping color and brightness in harmony, from Pulp through final roll up
  • Speaker: Felix Pinto, General Manager – SA, SEA, A&NZ, Xrite India
13:10Hrs - 13:30 Hrs.
Challenges and integrated water solutions for Pulp and Paper industry – technology landscape, chemicals & digital services
  • Speaker: Sandeep PahwaGrowth Leader-Heavy Industrial Segment, SUEZ Water Technologies and Solutions
14:15Hrs - 14:30 Hrs.
Closed Loop Water Circuit and BIOPAQ® - Success Stories of Recycle Paper Mill

  • Speaker: Suchit DekivadiaBusiness DirectorPaques Environmental Technology India
  • Mani Elanchezhiyan, National Product Manager, Paques Environmental Technology India
14:30Hrs. - 14:50 Hrs.
Bridging the skill gaps in the global compostable packaging ecosystem
  • Speaker: Ramesh V Koti, Skills Operation Head, Yash Pakka Ltd.
14:50 Hrs. - 15:10 Hrs.
Advance technologies for water, waste and zero liquid discharge
  • Speaker: Ajay Popat, President, Ion Exchange
15:10 Hrs. - 15:30 Hrs
Optimizing plant performance with energy conservation
  • Speaker: Vaibhav Pradhan, General Manager, Paper Division, Forbes Marshall
Session III: Innovations in Paper and Paper Product applications

15:30 Hrs.- 15:50 Hrs.
Achieving sustainability goals with water-based barrier coatings
  • Speaker: Andrew Michelman, Executive Vice President, Michelman
15:50 Hrs. - 16:10 Hrs.
Value proposition and market drivers for Paper/ Bio-polymer hybrid products
  • Speaker: Dr. Sunder Balakrishnan, Director, Natur Tec India
Closing Remarks


Theme: Innovation pathways in paper & printing in 2022 and beyond

11:30 Hrs. - 12:00 Hrs.
Winning strategies for Writing and Printing Paper & Newsprint in a post pandemic era
  • Speaker: Ajay Gupta, President & COO, Kuantum Papers
12:00 Hrs. - 12:30 Hrs.
The future of the Indian printing, packaging, and paper industries – learnings from the two pandemic years and the current situation
  • Speaker: Naresh Khanna, Editor, Indian Printer and Publisher
12:30 Hrs. - 13:00 Hrs.
Role of technology in assuaging the present newspaper crises – Challenges and Opportunities

  • Speaker: Sudeep Bhattacharjee, Managing Director, manroland Goss India
13:00 Hrs. – 13:30 Hrs
A quantum leap in printing and packaging equipment
  • Speaker: Rishab Kohli, Managing Director, TPH
13:30 Hrs. - 14:30 Hrs.
Panel Discussion: Digitalization of newspapers, magazines, books – Impact on the Paper & Printing Industry.

  • Naresh Khanna, Editor, Indian Printer and Publisher

  • Ashish BatraCEO, Magic Paper International
  • Amit Sharma, General Manager, Publishing Operations, Harper Collins
  • Pradeep Unny, Vice President, Impressions Printing and Packaging*
  • NEPA*
Closing Remarks & Vote of Thanks

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