6-9 December, 2021
15th International Exhibition & Conference
Pulp, Paper & Allied Industries
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

Market Facts

The Indian Paper Industry is the 15th largest paper industry in the world. Paper Industry produces majority of the paper pulp by recycling Waste paper, Pulping agricultural residues like wheat straw, paddy straw and sugarcane bagasse. In India, 46% of the Paper is produced using Waste Paper – Recycling. Around 22% of the Paper is produced using Agricultural Residues like Wheat Straw, Paddy Straw and Bagasse. Only 32 % of the Indian Paper Industry uses Wood as the raw material for manufacturing Paper.
Paper Industry provides employment to more than 0.5 million people directly and 1.5 million people indirectly. The per capita paper consumption in India at a little over 13 kg, is way behind the global average of 57 kg. India’s demand for paper is expected to rise 53% in the next five years. Future looks more promising as the domestic demand is on the rise.
The focus of paper industry is now shifting towards more eco-friendly products and technology. Moreover, the paper industry in India is not into Mining, just Cultivation of Trees and No use of the Reserved Forest.