1-4 November, 2017
13th International Exhibition & Conference
Pulp, Paper & Allied Industries
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi



13th PAPEREX International Technical Conference:

Theme: Pulp and Paper Industry: Strategies for Sustainable Growth
At Pragati Maidan, Hall no.7, New Delhi on 1-4th Nov.2017

1st Day (1st Nov. 2017)

Registration                                      8.30 hr to 9.30 hr
INAUGURAL SESSION                     9.30 hr to 10.45 hr

          Venue: Hall no 7, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi
S.V. Memorial Lecture-cum -Keynote Address 
Mr. Kari Tuominen, President & CEO, Andritz Oy Finland.
  Tea/Coffee (10.45 hr to 11.15 hr)


Session I: Indian Paper Industry: Trends and Challenges for Sustainable Growth
 (11.15 hr to 13.30 hr)
1 The Indian Paper Sector –Status Report 2017 and Sustainability Prospects Mrs. Rita Tandon and Kawaljeet Singh; Central Pulp and Paper Research Institute, Saharanpur (U.P)
2 Indian Paper Industry – Key Trends and Challenges Varun Jain  and Vikanshu Bhargava, Ernst & Young LLP, India
3 The Future of Paper and Recycling in India
Vijay Gupta,Daiei Papers S.A. Pte. Ltd. Singapore, part of Kokusai Pulp & Paper, Japan
Development and Adoption of Appropriate Technologies for Enhancing Sustainability and Competitiveness of the Indian Paper Industry Dr. Rakesh Kumar Jain, UNIDO,(IC-ISID), Delhi, Dr. Øyvind Eriksen, UNIDO, Vienna, Austria , Dr. Anders Isaksson and Dr. Ritin Koria, RISE Paper and Fibre Res. Inst., Trondheim, Norway;  Vikas Kumar and Mrs. Ashima Marwaha, UNIDO(IC-ISID), Delhi.
Indian Paper Industry and the Education Sector P.R. Ray, Ospak Cyfox Paper Co P. Ltd & Esskay Impex, Kolkata.

Lunch (13.30 hr to 14.30hr)

Session II: Developments in Fibreline and Tissue & Papermaking
(14.30 hr to 17.00 hr)
6 Fiberline Optimization Utilizing Novel Measurement Technologies Complimented with Advanced Process Control Akhlesh Mathur, ASPAC Fiber Segment, BTG Process Solutions, Singapore and  Dr Dan Smith, BTG Process Solutions, USA
7 Ozone bleaching: Appropriate Strategy for Sustainable Growth of Pulp and Paper Industry Brendan Van Wyk, Pulp & Paper; Xylem Water Solutions South Africa (Pty) Ltd; Gauteng, South Africa
Narain Madhavan; Xylem Water Solutions India Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore, India; Alexis Metais ; Xylem Water Solutions, Lyon, France.
8 GapCon EconPRESSTM NExT – The new tool for energy savings and tissue quality improvement Francesco De Biasi, GapCon tissue S.r.l. and GapCon tissue S.r.l. Italy; PAPCEL, a.s. Czech  Republic
9 Latest  Headbox Technology for Paper and Boardmaking Juan Cecchini, Maarit Tukiainen and Hannu Turpeinen, Valmet Technologies Inc, Finland
10 Positive Impact of Technical Wires on  Carbon Footprint
Christian Strohschein, ANDRITZ Kufferath GmbH, Duren, Germany and Chandrakant B. Naik,  ANDRITZ Technologies Pvt.Ltd., Chennai, T.N., India

Tea/Coffee (17.00 hr to 17.30hr)
2nd Day (2nd Nov. 2017)

Session III: Progress in Key Inputs: Wood and Water  
(9.30 hr to 10.30 hr)
11 Sustainable Fibre Resource Development Through Advanced Clonal Technology N. K. Agarwal,  O. P. Shukla, R. D. Gupta , S. L. Narkhede and S. K. S. Chauhan, JK Paper Ltd, Unit- CPM, Songadh, Gujarat
12 Developments in Ganga River Basin Project Mr.A.K.Vidyarthi, Addnl Director, Central Pollution Control Board, New Delhi
Session IV: Breakthrough Technologies
11.00 hr to 13.00 hr
13 How do Breakthrough Technologies Enhance Pulp and Paper Machine Efficiency and Allow Developing Innovative Paper Products? Dr Véronique Morin, Centre Technique du Papier, Grenoble, France
14 Applications of Nanotechnology in Paper Manufacturing: Harsh Environments Dr Mahendra Patel, Indian Agro and Recycled Paper Mills Association, New Delhi
15 FiberLean: An Innovative Composite Material Dr. Andrew Findlay, Imerys Minerals, Par Moor, Cornwall, U.K.; Dr. Leslie McLain, Imerys, North America and Kapil Dev, Imerys Minerals, India
16 Nano Material for Agro Based Paper Dr. Vijay Mathur, Pacific Nano Products, USA

Lunch 13.00 hr to 14.00 hr

Session V: Innovative Approaches in Energy-saving
(14.00 hr to 17.00 hr)
17 Steam Profiler and Energy Monitoring Improve Energy Efficiency Jarmo Tiilikka and Jaakko Oksanen; Valmet, Automation BL, Tampere,  Finland
18 Innovative Approaches in Processes and Operations to Reduce Raw Material, Water and Energy Consumption at JKPM: A Case Study P K Suri and Mayank Jindal,JK Paper Ltd and  Dr. S P Singh, Pulp and Paper Research Institute,Jaykaypur, Rayagada, Odisha.
19 TNPL Energy and Environmental Strategies adopted for Sustainable
Growth and Competitiveness in Paper Making
P.Sankaralingam, S. Subramanian and M. Subramanina,Tamilnadu News Print and Papers Ltd, Kagithapuram, Karur, Tamil Nadu.
A Green Initiative for Enhanced Energy Generation
Dr. A.K.Dixit, Dr. Tarun,  Kumar Anupam and Dr. B.P. Thapliyal; Chemical Recovery Division, Central Pulp & Paper Research Institute, Saharanpur, U.P.
21 Innovative Approach on Reduction of Carbon Foot print, Environment Impact and Enhancement in Productivity - A Case Study M.B.S Nair and B.V.K.S.S Prasad, Emami Paper Mills, Balasore, Odisha.

Tea/ Coffee   (17.00 hr to 17.30 hr)

3rd Day (3rd Nov. 2017)

Session VI: Environmental Protection and Simulation Tools
(9.30 hr to 10.30 hr)
22 A Breakthrough High-Rate Anaerobe Reactor Proves Itself in the Pulp and Paper Industry Michel Noordink, Leo H.A. Habets and Rienk Prins, Pâques BV, Netherlands and Suchit Dekivadia &  Jacopo De Steffani, Pâques Environmental Technology India Pvt Ltd., India
23 Recycled Process Water Management and Application of Simulation Tools Dr (Mrs.)Fabienne Vercelli and Saurabh Kumar,  Centre Technique du Papier, Grenoble, France

Tea/ Coffee (10.30 hr to 11.00 hr)

Session VII: Optimisation in Coating & Printing
(11.00 hr to13.00 hr)
24 Optimization of Coating with Water Based Barriers. Mr. Daniel Ragnarsson, UMV, Sweden
25 Print Optimization of Coated Fibre Based Packaging Through Control of Porosity Dr.(Mrs.) Janet Preston, Imerys Minerals, Par Moor, England; Dr. Andrew Findlay, Imerys Minerals, Par Moor,  England and  Kapil Dev, Imerys Minerals, India
26 Reformulation of Paperboard Coatings for Optimized Quality and Cost Efficiency Peter Dahlvik, Omya International AG, Switzerland and Richard Waters, Omya Australia

Lunch (13.00 hr to 14.00 hr)
Session VIII: Recycled Fibre Processing & Planning and Advanced Analytics to improve Mill Performance
(14.00 hr to 16.00 hr)
The Compromises Between Screening Efficiency, Quality and Runnability: Is There a Way to Have it All?   Naik Chandrakant B., ANDRITZ Technologies Pvt Ltd., Chennai, India ; Toivila Mari, ANDRITZ Fiedler GmbH, Regensburg, Germany and Meyer Keith, ANDRITZ Inc., Glens Falls, USA.
28 Advanced Analytics Improve Mill Performance and Reliability Jari Almi, Industrial Internet, and Johanna Newcomb, Advanced Applications and Industrial Internet; Valmet, Tampere, Finland
End to End Contribution Maximization Model Vikanshu Bhargava, Business Advisory Services,  Ernst & Young LLP, Gurgaon, Haryana
30 Case Study “Paper Carrier Ropes” – As Essential Part for Economical and Sustainable Paper Production Erich Kurzbock and Stefan Kurzbock , Traunkai, Austria
VALEDICTORY SESSION (16.00 hr to 17.00 hr)
Tea/Coffee (17.00 hr to 17.30 hr)
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